Connected Mobility

SD-WAN technology for the autonomous cars teleoperation, live streaming, public transport connectivity, UAV telemetry and more...

What We Do

Originally, Vrayo Systems was concerned with developing bonding multichannel VPN software for Linux known as VtrunkD™. We employed complex algorithms to manage, simulate and measure network's feedback loop. Thanks to the original heuristics we delivered absolutely best results over a wide range of deployment scenarios, medium types and network conditions. VtrunkD runs on virtually any hardware starting from $5 Raspberry Pi Zero or can be shipped via Docker container.

Nowadays we're working on enhancing VtrunkD heuristic capabilities with machine learning to guarantee the ever-improving performance of Vrayo's solutions. We're evolving into Edge Computing platform enabling next-generation Software Defined Data Centres.

Our work

VtrunkD™ developed by Vrayo Systems is an easy to setup open-source daemon for Linux available on GitHub. Compatible with any encapsulated protocol it combines multiple links into single channel delivering fully-redundant networking experience optimised for both speed and latency. On the server side, it offers true zero-configuration and blazing performance.

To learn more on how to configure VtrunkD please refer to the original Blog post.

Get in touch

Vrayo Systems Limited is privately held company incorporated in Ireland.

We mostly focused on working with enterprise clients. Yet, the best ideas start as conversations and we'd be delighted to hear from you.